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Where can I buy a pony for my kids?

You can find ponies for sale from time to time, but good ones, already trained for riding, are hard to get.

The major difficulty is ensuring that a pony is actually appropriate. We recommend that you have an accomplished horseman with you when you go to look at a pony, and that you avoid buying just because a pony looks pretty. They all look pretty!

We currently do not have any ponies for sale, and would decline offers on our working stock.

Can I choose my child’s favorite pony for the party?

We will listen to your requests, but we cannot promise any particular pony. We have a large number of ponies and try to spread the work out among them, and to select the right ones for each event. The pony you admire might be on leave or even retired.

Where can I buy a good saddle?

You can find good used pony saddles on eBay, which is where we have gotten many of ours, but you'll have to know what you are looking for.

For horse-sized saddles, your best bet is a used one made by one of the reputable saddle makers. Our favorite for the “English” style of riding (including dressage) is the Stübben Sigfried, made in Germany. Our Stübben saddles are over 50 years old. They have been restuffed and have new billets, but are ready for another 50 years of use.

Try to avoid the saddles from the Far East that look good but are of poorly tanned leather. In our experience they fall apart in only a few years.

I already have a horse. Why do I need you?

If your friends ever suggest that you bring your horse to their birthday party, you'll probably try to find excuses so that you can avoid doing it. You might already know that your horse is not suitable, or perhaps you simply don't want all the problems. Tell your friends to call us.

Maybe, though, you are wondering how to start using your horses or ponies for pony rides, just as we are doing. Ask us for help. We have decades of experience, and do not mind passing some of our solid information on to others. Some day, perhaps, we will write a book.

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