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Special arrangements for churches

Ponies at your church...

Photo of Frosty, a pinto pony, with rider, at a church event.

We are prepared to help your church have a pony ride at your festival, your church school or day-care, at your vacation Bible school, or at a halloween fall festival.


By providing volunteer help, your church can avoid some of the expense of a pony ride. Your volunteers will help with site preparation, with setup and teardown, and with keeping children under control.

Schools and Day-cares

Midweek only, often by casual arrangement when the weather looks good, we are able to provide brief pony rides and show-and-tell lessons about horses for young children.


All providers of rides and entertainment for the halloween season are usually fully booked, and A Pony To Go is no exception. Reserve early to get ponies for your church’s “anti-Halloween” festival.

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