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Contacting A Pony To Go

The best way to contact us is to call 919-353-4591. That's the cell phone.

Because we live in a rural area, the phone connection sometimes drops. We didn't hang up on you. Instead the signal was simply too weak. We'll wait for you to call us again; this avoids confusion.

Occasionally the phone will go straight to voicemail even though it should have rung through. If you leave a voicemail (or if you don't), please try calling back afterwards. You should reach us directly the second time.

If you try to reach us through a consolidator (a service that offers "competitive bidding" to get you "the best price") then you may not get through to us at all. Consolidators often omit details, and messages sent through them turn out to be useless. Simply call us on the phone and we will try to help you. If we cannot, then we may recommend one of our colleagues to you.

If you really want to send us e-mail, use the address shown here. It's a picture that spambots cannot harvest.

Because it's shown in a picture, clicking on it or cutting and pasting it won't work. Instead you'll have to type the individual characters into your e-mail program.

Sometimes when you send us e-mail you will get a message suggesting that the mail did not go through. We don't know why this happens, but the mail seems to get through anyway. If in doubt you can always phone us.
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